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~~ Janet Green, Editorial Manager ~~
I strolled through a Georgia pastureland last weekend: three new calves, buds of green peeping shyly through the cold, the earthy smell of a winter’s cleansing.

I got a little crazy during my walk. Started imagining the mysteries of the forest and fields awakening to a new season. Thought about how each of my footsteps just might be causing a flurry of adjustments in little worlds yet unseen.

Then I realized my thoughts had been usurped by the mind-blowing authorship of a one R.E. Munzing, creator of The Elfarian Series and its first book Beyond the Firefly Field. Rather than go on and on with colorful cheerleading about this story line, which I could very easily do, I’d like you to take a sip of this Pixie Punch yourself . . .

I could blow the chafe that falls from my wings into your faces so you would forget everything,” she suggested as she rose into the air and spread her wings. As SeeLee’s fingers gathered chafe from her wing’s glowing edge, the five kids gasped and took a step back, covering their faces with their hands.
“Just kidding,” she said, landing again. “It doesn’t work that way. And we don’t have fairy magic, at least not that they let me play with.”
As SeeLee paced back and forth, her pacing suddenly took her past the rounded branch’s edge and into thin air. Her wings immediately started to glow and rise upward, but fell as she paced back onto the branch. This happened several times before she turned back to Clayton and friends, her new charges.
“Before I can tell or show you anything else, I’ll have to find out from the Old Ones if there is still a strict order for exposing our secrets. I have to go now, as I have some serious explaining to do. But you must come back. I have many wonderful things to show and tell you, especially about how we’ve existed all these years. You can come back,” she paused to think, “whenever the fireflies gather

This book is about as charming as you can get in terms of other worlds and the characters who inhabit them.  Flick the light on.  Buy this book and be a believer! http://shop.boutiqueofqualitybooks.com/Beyond-the-Firefly-Field-Adolescent-Teen-Fiction-9780983169932.htm