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~~ by Janet Green, Editorial Manager ~~ 
Talk about something you don’t see every day! Strolling through the center aisle of my favorite bookstore, weighing my genre options, I caught a glimpse of something moving mid-air. In fact, it was headed in my direction, specifically right for the side of my head.

A book! And it was flying right to the front counter for purchase!  And then another one. And then a third.

I ducked, my hands protecting my new coif (had just come from the salon) and skittered low to the front of the store, my curiosity in full go-mode. I approached the counter and asked the friendly store owner (her tag said “Kate, Friendly Store Owner”) what was going on. Apparently that very day, a charming book called Darling the Curly Tailed Reindoe by Cheryl Campbell was literally flying off the shelves. Apparently in that moment alone, my favorite bookstore had sold three – count ‘em three!  And here it was the first week in March!

Intrigued, I bought a copy too and was soon immersed in the tale of the tail:

So Uncle Don took Darling to the
workshop where the Elves made
toys for children all around the
world. He asked them to make
a pail for Darling’s tail.

The elves got busy working and soon Darling
had a wonderful pail that hung from her curly
tail. She didn’t feel sad any more.

Darling loved her new pail. She strutted and
pranced as it hung from her tail.

Clearly, Christmas stories are not season-specific, and magic abounds year-round. Who wouldn’t like to hear a spirit-lifting reindeer, uh, reindoe story any day of the year?

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