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~ By Julie Breedlove, Marketing Manager

Have you ever felt a connection with someone that felt unbelievably meant to be?  Like it was more than coincidence. More than chance. I’m talking about a powerful bond that the universe aligned for you far before you ever actually met this being or spoke his or her name?

Together Again is about that kind of connection. Between the covers of this sunny children’s book lies a lightbulb-link between a mother and a daughter that truly was meant to be. It was arranged from another time, another place, and by another power. Author Laurie Stephens brings forth a story from her heart about adoption. No, “Adoption” isn’t even the right word. This is about the rejoining of souls. This is food for your soul, and it’s based on her true story.

Together Again will help your kids understand family ties that expand beyond bloodlines. Have a sneak peek below. Then, have a whopping scoop of seconds by entering to win a free signed copy of this book offered by Adoption Magazine: click here and leave a comment!  Free stuff is fun, but the endless love of a permanent family is forever priceless.