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~ By Kristi Falk, Coauthor of Eartha Gets Well

I am new to the book writing/publishing world. When my husband and I first wrote Eartha Gets Well, the purpose was not to become published authors.

The book started in 2009 with another nonprofit organization that was putting together a Summer Art Walk series. Their mission was to support other nonprofits through the arts. They chose a few to be in charge of the Kid’s Art Project Tent. The task to come up with a sixteen-page story was given to each group. The stories were then transferred to big pieces of cardboard. A local artist was brought in to come up with the illustrations for each story. She did the outlines of the illustrations. During the Art Walk, kids came in and painted each page of the book. They were all very creative and enthusiastic. They painted all 16 pages of the book and did a great job. After the Art Walk was over, the pages had to be “touched up” a bit. Eartha had different colored hair on almost every page. On some pages, she had x’s for eyes, and a few other liberties were taken with the paint. Once the touch ups were complete, a professional photographer took high-quality photographs of each page. The first edition of Eartha Gets Well was born. When we decided to try to expand Eartha’s reach, we realized we were in for long but very rewarding process. We found people who believed in the book and in the message we were trying to get across, and we now have a beautiful, professional-looking, quality book that we are very proud of.

We believe that Eartha can help get the message of healthy lifestyles and healthy planet across to the younger generation. With the obesity rates of our youth rising and cases of type 2 diabetes in children rising along with other lifestyle-related illnesses, we feel it is important to promote healthy living. We encourage people to get away from the fast-food way of life. We want to see people returning to home cooked, family meals. We want to see people regarding food as fuel, as medicine, as a way to sustain life, not just something to fill us up. If you are not putting in quality fuel, your body will not run as strong or as efficiently as it should. We need to get back to caring for the highly powerful engine that is our body. It is strong, yet sensitive. It is meant to be in perfect balance so that all systems work in harmony.

When that harmony is shattered, health problems start to abound. Let’s get back to healthy eating, healthy living. It starts at home. Bring home a copy of Eartha Gets Well.  Read it with your kids. Start a new family tradition. Start your healthy journey together.


Learn more about Kristi Falk here. This book is available to purchase on BQB’s online store, Amazon, and can be ordered through any bookstore.