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~ By Julie Breedlove, Marketing Manager

My heart is racing. May 19 is approaching and the anticipation of the release of Rude Awakenings is pulsing through my veins. I’m relatively new with BQB Publishing, but I must admit, before I even knew what BQB stood for, I knew about Rude Awakenings. My colleague and friend, Katy Whipple, was working on it in pre-publication and she could hardly contain her excitement about this book.

It spread.

The excitement was contagious and the more I heard about the book, the more I realized it wasn’t just Katy that realized its potential. This was far from a typical novel. This was a moment of creative brilliance. Lightning in a bottle . . . in a book.

The book just received a pre-release review applauding it as “a home run.” It’s not even out yet, but like the thunderous roar before a rocket launch, the vibrations are building. The pulse quickens and is audible. Even palpable.

Keith M. Donaldson is an award-winning author. His craft has only improved, so I can’t imagine the attention this next novel will bring. Today’s sneak peek is not a paragraph or page within the book, this one will demand more from your senses and presents a preview you can see, hear, and feel. Watch it now and note this fair warning: you’ll want more of this captivating story of controversy and suspense.

Ladies and gentlemen, May 19 at the South Carolina Book Festival, Keith M. Donaldson will be releasing his relevant political thriller, Rude Awakenings. Today, we release the book’s video trailer as a spine-tingling foretaste.