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Image~ By Julie Breedlove, Marketing Manager

R.E. Munzing is an odd duck. I knew this the first time I spoke with him on the phone. There’s something quite different about him. Not in a bad way, just unique. I was aware he was a fantasy author before meeting him and realized the fitting correlation between the man and the writing once we spoke.

“I’m just out back wandering in the woods,” he monotonously explained upon answering.

I was a bit concerned about the lack of expression in his voice after our brief conversation, so I picked up his book Beyond the Firefly Field, the first in The Last Elfairian series. My suspicions were confirmed. Within his brightly bound piece of work, everything suddenly made sense. Munzing communicates in writing. He doesn’t just share, he crafts. Every drop of expression, emotion, visualization, shade of color, and detail is poured into his pages. The framework of this unusual personality is backed by brilliance. That brilliance is revealed in his books.

His imagination is boundless. Some people would have to tap into imagination sources like his by much more desperate measures—hypnosis, mountaintops, headstands, or any other way to decrease apprehensions and emerge in another state of consciousness. It’s like Munzing has a VIP password to access other worlds. That imagination pairs perfectly with his ability to describe every sense his characters experience. His writing is the perfect example of not just telling a story, but showing it.

While reading the book, I wondered if this fairy world he dreamed up really existed. That’s exactly what a good book is supposed to do. Munzing’s gift is not only his ability to easily tap into other worlds, but to bring you right along with him. Vibrantly seeing. Feeling. Flying.

This book is geared toward kids from 10 to 14 years old. But why add age boundaries to such a free-spirited book? I thoroughly enjoyed being swept back into my memories, and Munzing’s realities, of tree houses, secrets, and endless possibilities. I’ve always thought normal is boring. Thanks to Mr. Munzing, my experience with Beyond the Firefly Field stayed far away from that. Have a peek into his world:

SeeLee turned around, revealing her folded wings against her back and hanging limp like a flag devoid of wind. The color and the golden veins were absent without the benefit of light, and her wings looked like extensions of her long, yellow hair.

SeeLee turned back around as a firefly landed on the branch in front of her. She bent down and scooped the little bug in her arms. To the fairy, the bug was about the size of a small house cat. She cradled it with one arm and gently stroked its wings.

“See? I promised you would fly again.” The firefly flashed its yellow light as if in thanks, and the tip of SeeLee’s wing peeked around and flashed a spark of yellow back. She lifted her arm slightly, and the firefly flew off, flashing happily.

Click here to learn more about the Michigan man behind the writing, then fly to get his book on BQB’s online store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, or your favorite book seller.