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~ Written by author Lori K. Lee

Encouraging children to read can open up new worlds for them. They can go anywhere and do anything through a book—from pirate ships, to faraway lands, to the moon and back. But with distractions flying at them from every direction these days, getting them to actually sit down and read is the difficult part. Luckily, there are some easy and fun ways to help develop their interest in and love for reading.

  1. Read out loud to your kids
    Cuddling up on the couch or snuggling in bed with a good book are wonderful ways to spend time with your child. Even older children like to be read to. Hearing a story also fosters a whole new experience for the imagination to grow.
  2. Create a snug reading hideaway
    Make a reading corner in your home by fixing up a cozy corner with beanbag chairs, large overstuffed pillows, a small bookcase or two. Make the corner a “fun” place to hang out and read. You won’t have to look very far to find them during their quiet times.
  3. Scatter books around the house
    Make books more accessible to everyone in the house by leaving them lying around in all sorts of places. Place books in the bathroom, on night stands, in the living room, and even in the kitchen. When children are bored, they will often pick them up out of curiosity. Books with bright colors and interesting covers typically catch their attention when they scan the room for something to do.
  4. Get a library card
    Children love to have things in their own name because it makes them feel special and important, so get them their own library card. Being able to check out books they choose on their own will not only help develop their interest in books and reading, it will also support independence and teach them responsibility.
  5. Give them book teasers
    Drop enticing hints about a book. Start reading a book that your children might like and share some tempting tidbits about what happens next in the story. When they want to know more, say “read it for yourself, you won’t believe what happens!”
  6. Pop in a DVD
    Watch a DVD about a book. Disney and other entertainment companies often turn great books into wonderful movies. Once you have watched the movie, say, “I wonder how close that was to the book? Let’s read it to compare!”

Tips 7 through 12 will be posted next week. Check back for more fun ideas! Author, mother, and business consultant Lori Lee wrote Bonnie the Honeybee and the Case of the Butterfly Blues. Click here to learn more about Lori, and visit BQB’s online store to find out more about her bright and encouraging book. BQB’s children’s books are also available on iTunes and Kobo!