~ Written by author Lori K. Lee

As mentioned last week, reading can be enormously beneficial to children, but it can be hard to make time, minimize distractions, and really get them interested in a book. Today, BQB Publishing and a few of our authors are at a book fair on a military base to show kids the fun in reading a good book and using their imagination! If you don’t happen to have a book fair near you, see below for other creative reading ideas with a continuation from last week’s tips from children’s author, Lori Lee. Click here to view tips 1 through 6.

7. Use Fun Extras to Emphasize a Book
Make crafts or even snacks or lunches around a book they are reading. For example, if you are reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” have a lunch with a salad and veggies a caterpillar might like or make cupcakes with little candy caterpillars on top.  The more enjoyable a project is, the more your children will remember the books and the more they will want to read.

8. Take Them to the Library at Least Once a Week, If Possible
Visit the library often, even scheduling a regular library day where you spend a couple of hours in the library so you and your children can sit and read together in the quiet atmosphere. Take advantage of your local library’s programs, such as story times, author readings, and other library activities to help capture your child’s interest in books.

9. Make Your Own Books
Children love to create, so let them make their own books. Younger children especially love this. Something as simple as plain paper stapled together becomes a timeless treasure when they write and/or illustrate their own stories. For very young children, have them tell you the story and you write it out and they illustrate it.

10. Set a Reading Example
It is difficult to expect your children to love something when you don’t. If you want your kids to be readers, you have to be one too. It can be books, magazines, or even lovely coffee table books full of pictures. Just let them see you reading and read together often.

11. Create a Reading Time
Put aside a certain time during the day and call it “Reading Time” then have everyone sit down and have a different family member read a story each day. Make sure the kids get to read a story on a certain day.  They will begin to get excited about this special time, especially when their day to read rolls around.

12. Weave Books into Other Parts of their Day
Encourage your children to flip through books during various times throughout their day: TV time, play time, snack time, etc. Then leave them alone to flip through pages without reading to them, but observe and occasionally provide supportive comments.

Author, mother, and business consultant Lori Lee wrote Bonnie the Honeybee and the Case of the Butterfly Blues. Click here to learn more about Lori and visit BQB’s online store to find out more about her bright and encouraging book. BQB’s Children’s books are also available on iTunes and Kobo!