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Ladies, when you envision meeting the man of your dreams, does he have devilish good looks, shoulder-length raven hair, piercing blue eyes . . . and a ten-foot wing span? In reality, meeting such a man is impossible, but through the creative writing of author Tammy Turner, the “im” is scratched right out and possible is all that remains. In my mind. In the past. In forever.

Like most little girls, when I was younger I always believed in mythical creatures, princes, and princesses, always hoping that one day I would come across one. As an adult, I’ve come to accept (willingly or not) that such creatures and characters do not exist, but reading Falling into Forever was like traveling into a different world; a world where dragons, fairytales, and magic were real. It took me back to my days of truly believing. The question kept creeping back in, “what if . . .”

Falling into Forever enticed me into a story about friendship, curses, adventure, and a love that lasts forever. The main characters, Alex and Kraven, are fascinating and refreshingly unusual. (Also, the name “Kraven” is now a new fave.) Their struggle with wolves, a voodoo priestess, ghosts, and other difficulties left me in a captivating time warp. Putting the book down wasn’t an option. I was falling. Any reader would be. On the journey, there are flashes of excitement, sorrow, laughter, and longing. Falling into Forever will leave you as spellbound as the characters within. Have a look inside this fantasy world:

No, please don’t leave me,” she called to him. “Can you come closer?” she asked, her voice clawing its way out of her dry throat. There was no response.

“I’m waiting,” Alexandra pleaded, staring deep into the shadows. “What’s wrong? Can you tell me if I’m in some kind of trouble?”

His face emerged first, and she gulped deeply. With a single stride, he stood at her side again. “I’m sorry,” he said shyly, looking at the floor. “You are in no trouble. I have disturbed you and you need your rest. We shall speak when you are ready.”

“I don’t want to go back to sleep,” she said, sitting upright in the bed. “I was dreaming, I think.”

“I was watching you,” he told her. “You looked like you were in pain.”

“It actually felt more like I was remembering something,” she explained to him, looking into his eyes and clutching the blanket tightly around her body. “It felt so real, like it was actually happening. You know what I mean? I was running, falling, and then I drowned – I think!” she said shaking her head. “No, I don’t want to go through that again.” Her eyes glanced up at the heart monitor beeping steadily by the bed and then down at the plastic bag holding her clothes. “Are those my clothes?” she asked , pointing to the table beside the bed.

“Your name is Alexandra?” asked Kraven, lifting the bag to her fingers.

“Yes,” she said as the bag slipped from her fingertips to the floor, “Alexandra Peyton.”

Kraven grabbed the bag by kneeling on the floor, so that she would not see his face. He felt both pain and joy. “I have found her,” he muttered softly while he rose to his feet. “She is as lovely as the mapmaker’s daughter, my Iselin.” He handed her the clothes, and she thanked him politely.

Falling into Forever is now available to purchase through BQB’s online store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your favorite bookstore. The eBook version is also available to download through Kindle, Nook, iTunes, and Kobo. Enjoy your break from reality and journey into an amazing story!