As the busy mother of two young kids, it’s amazing how much cheerful energy Anna Lee Everhart exudes! Not only does she keep up with her active children, but she also authored a fun kid’s book that teaches young children new ways to move and groove like various animals. Her story is brought to life by the talented Marcie Ferron who brings vibrant colors, patterns, and emotion into all of the illustrations she created. For today’s sneak peek, we invite you to pull your little one onto your lap and play this book preview for them. They’ll be movin’ and groovin’ right along with Bearful Bear as Anna narrates the story! You might even smile and bop along with Anna too! Bearful Bear and His New Moves is now available in both paperback or hardcover so you can continue the fun at home and meet the other characters Bearful Bear comes across! You can also follow Anna and learn more about her latest happenings on her blog: Today, she’s even offering a GIVEAWAY of a free signed copy of her book!

Click below for a playful play!

Bearful Bear and His New Moves Preview Video