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By Author Lori Beard-Daily

Do you have the right spirit to be a writer? As a writer, you have to have the spirit of commitment. It’s that spirit of staying power that allows you to earn the entitlement of being called a writer. It’s that same spirit that keeps you up at night with new ideas on how you’re going to recreate, rejuvenate, and recommit to making your next writing project an even better one than your last.

Do you have the right spirit when it comes to dealing with disappointments? Being a writer can definitely be a rewarding experience when things are going well. But, a writer also needs the right spirit in dealing with the ups and downs that comes with the title. It’s not just about the writing. That can be the easy part. The not-so-easy part comes in when you also have to promote and market your work, develop your fan base, and continuously create awareness.

In some ways, being a writer is like being a parent. Your writing is your baby. You want to protect it and are not always open to criticism, right? And even though there may be times when you would like to, you know that you can’t abandon it when things are not going the way you would like for them to go. You have to see things through and arm yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills that you need in order to hone your craft. Ultimately, you want to be the best writer you can be.

As a writer, you have to have the spirit of confidence. Believe in yourself when others do not. There will be plenty of naysayers out there as you go down the path to be a successful writer. But, in order to do this, you must remain steadfast and believe in your talent, your work, and yourself. Connect with other like-minded writers. Seek out relationships and organizations that focus on helping writers, whether it is a meet-up face to face or online. It’s always good to be around others who have your same vision and provide support. You can share ideas and gain new insight when you step out of your comfort zone and open your circle to include other writers.

As a writer, you also need the spirit of passion. Do you wake up every morning with the anticipation of writing? Do you enjoy your writing whether or not you are getting paid to do it? When you have passion, you have a positive energy that comes from bringing more of you into what you do. It’s doing what comes naturally for you. Your passion can also draw people to you. It can also attract more readers to your work. When your readers feel your passion, it gives them a feeling of connection and a desire to want to know more about your work.

When you are a writer, you have to be willing to rise to your potential and not succumb to failure. The path to being a writer can be tough and sometimes the rewards are far away, but you have to persevere. You must never let your spirit die. The essence of being a writer is having the spirit to write even when you don’t feel like it.

Writers should read different types of genres, embrace other author’s works, and not compare their work to others’. As a writer, you should go at your own pace. Be your own person and don’t let others determine the value of what you or writing is worth. When you have the right spirit, there is no stopping you! Go and enjoy your passion. Keep your spirits high and continue to be the writer you’ve always wanted to be!


Lori is the author of Destination D and was nominated for the 48th Georgia of the Year Author Awards, one of the most prestigious literary awards in the nation and the oldest in the southeastern United States. A graduate of Spelman College, she holds a bachelor of arts degree in English. Click here to learn more about Lori and purchase her debut novel in paperback or eBook through BQB’s online store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or your favorite bookstore.