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Corruption. Conspiracy. Questionable lobbying practices. Overseas intrigue. Senate Cloakroom Cabal has all of these things and more. In the second book of the Laura Wolfe series (the first being Death of an Intern), author Keith M. Donaldson introduces his scared-of-nada heroine to some practices of the back rooms of Congress that we all wish weren’t the truth (but we know they probably are). Let’s face it: we know there’s some level of corruption going on at all times in the government. Lobbyists probably have that uncomely moniker “corrupt” applied to them more than other frequenters of the hill. With a reputation of being willing to do anything to meet their organization’s goals, lobbyists are thought of as a cutthroat group of people intent on having their will be done. Senate Cloakroom Cabal shows a potential side of this: pharmaceutical lobbyists are keeping a miracle cancer drug, one that could save millions and millions of lives, off the market because of what it might mean to the financial well-being of a few. A revolting concept, I know. Sadly, though, it’s not out of the realm of possibility, and you’ll find that you’ll finish Senate Cloakroom Cabal wondering how many products and policies that would make an enormous impact on the greater good lobbyists have successfully kept from the public’s eye because of someone’s bottom line.

Now, I’m not usually one for a political thriller. I find that they often get me too hyped up. Living in the Washington, DC, region, it’s nigh impossible to not get tangled up in the political hoopla that we call a government. But I couldn’t put this one down, people. It’ll grab you from the beginning, and it won’t let you go until the end, when you begrudgingly find out that you’ve reached the last page.

I’m already looking forward to the third in this series. I know Donaldson won’t disappoint.

Senate Cloakroom Cabal hits bookstores on October 25th. Good news, it’s available to preorder now and I’ll give you a preview today! Check it out:

The pharmaceutical lobbyist smiled and picked up his brandy snifter, swirling the liquid under this nose before taking a sip.

Kelly continued, “Watching your lobbyists dancing around this has been fascinating. They don’t know which way to go with Rogers.”

“It’s difficult when you have to go after one of your own. Don’t underestimate Harley Rogers. World War II types like him have plenty of moxie. They’ve got an inner strength that doesn’t exist in the baby boomers. Tough breeds know how to pull a ‘Teddy Roosevelt.’ Don’t get cocky. Caged rats can still be dangerous,” the pharma spat.

“What’s to worry? He’s right where you want him. Their stock’s in the tank.”

“The important thing is getting the FDA’s non approvable so we can forget about this damn drug. Just remember, we don’t manufacture cures; we only manufacture dependencies.

Want more? You’re in luck. You can read the first chapter of this unreleased book by downloading the PDF available on our website here. You can also learn more about Keith and follow his new blog by visiting DonaldsonKeith.com