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The purity of a person’s heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals. ~ Unknown

Animal adoption is a topic close to my heart. When I first heard the story about Flopsy Parker, the star of The $7.50 Bunny That Changed the World, it was clear this was a special book. An important story to tell.

No matter what type or breed of animal, they all deserve attention and care. They also tend to give more than they get. That’s what Flopsy did for his adopted mom, Gretta Parker. At the introduction of her new book, she says:

I would not have spent $30,000 on college if I had known my greatest teacher would cost me $7.50.

Gretta has built a moving, comical, and educational platform to honor Flopsy’s life; has worked to change laws to protect rabbits; and has taught others about the care bunnies need.

Through social media, a nonprofit, a bunny sanctuary, and now, a book, Gretta helps support other foster groups, communicates with fans, entertains people, houses bunnies in need of special care, and tells the story behind the life of a bunny that cost her $7.50 to adopt. Flopsy unexpectedly changed Gretta’s life in a priceless way and touched thousands of followers along her journey. Gretta received more from her little bunny son than she ever imagined, and we’re proud to release her book next month. It’s available for preorder now, and here is a sample of the upcoming children’s story with adorable bunny pictures to bring the cotton tail tale to life.

The 7.50 Bunny That Changed the World comes out November 13, just in time to make the perfect stocking stuffer. To learn more or preorder her book in paperback or hardcover, visit grettaparker.com. You can also follow her on Facebook. Nose wiggles!