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Fiery debates, political ads, polls, rallies, and interviews. The air is thick with politics whether you prefer to breathe them in or not. Timing could not be better for a refreshing new political thriller. If you have an aversion to politics, even in the realm of fiction, Rodney Page’s Powers Not Delegated might change your mind about the whole genre of political thrillers. With the larger-than-life characters, interwoven plots, and engaging prose, this book is the best of Ayn Rand and Tom Clancy rolled into one.

The book’s action covers political scandals, terrorist plots, and a presidential race that will change the nature of U.S. politics for years to come. Opening on the night the new president-elect is announced, the novel unfolds over the course of four years. From the beginning, Page makes clear that the new president has reached his position through unscrupulous behavior and plans on carrying his corruption into his administration. From questionable census procedures to outright murder, the new administration will go to any means to stay in power.

Page’s clearly defined characters quickly take sides, not along party lines, but those of morality. The main character, Tyler Armistead, is a congressman from coastal Georgia that could be what America needs as Commander-in-Chief if he chooses to run as the Liberty Party candidate. His principled nature immediately draws supporters to him. You’ll be cheering on Armistead and his colleagues as they use integrity and intelligence to uncover the many illicit activities of the current administration as well as the impending threats on national security.

Dick Arnold and Ben Thorpe, Armistead’s nemeses, are as crooked and cowardly as the politicians of our jaded imaginations. Arnold, the Republican candidate for the presidency, has a shady past in the Department of Defense, which Armistead is well aware of, while Thorpe’s scandal-riddled administration has imperiled the freedom and safety of the United States people.

As the political race unfolds, a terrorist group from Iran seizes their opportunity to attack what they believe is a weakened United States. When the current president’s schemes are unveiled, it’s up to the few honorable men and women in power to stop them from achieving their goal.

With gripping action and fast-moving narrative, Page’s words will have you racing to the finish line. Powers Not Delegated is out on October 30, just in time to finish it before election day. Follow Page on Facebook for his online launch party and a chance to win a free book. You can also preorder the book through BQB’s online store or, here’s a little secret only for our followers … you can download the eBook for $3.99 before the print edition even hits book shelves!

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Rodney Page is a native of Georgia. His business career includes a variety of senior management positions and consulting engagements in a broad range of industries, from startups to Fortune 500 firms. In 2005 Rodney co-authored Leading Your Business to the Next Level…the Six Core Disciplines of Sustained Profitable Growth. He lives in Atlanta and his passions include hiking, photography, reading, and, of course, University of Georgia football. To learn more about Rodney, his book, and his blog, visit PowersNotDelegated.com.