Today we are sharing a journal entry from Frampton Frog, a character brought to life in The Uppity Swans by Kathleen Bettilyon.Frampton for Blog post _1.10.13

I really don’t know what came over me today. I just couldn’t stand it any more. The creatures in our pond shouldn’t have to deal with this. I had to do something.

I mean, I usually recline on my lily pad just watching the Uppity Swans diss every creature that came by. But today was different. I hoped every time I saw those haughty swans make someone cry or feel bad, that would be the last time. I was so wrong. They kept making everyone feel bad. Today when they made fun of Fluff and Fuzz, I had it.

I recalled a terrible situation I endured when I was bullied by a toad.The Uppity Swans I took the time to breathe deeply, get my thoughts together, and pray for strength and courage before I spoke up. I wanted to do my best to speak in love and kindness. I thought, “If I can handle the issue well, everything will turn out better than if I shout and yell.”

Now, I am really glad that I handled it that way. I think that I made a big difference for the entire community at Joseph’s Pond today. The swans seemed to understand that they were hurting the other animals by saying unkind things. I heard them say they were sorry to Fluff and Fuzz. Maybe they will be kinder to the others. I sure would like that.

I’m thankful for the reflecting time near my favorite reflection pond, which just became a bit more peaceful.

Frampton Frog

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