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Quick! The royal symbol of Scotland—the legendary Golden Haggis—has been stolen. Who will be able to put this mystery to rest in no time? Britain’s best detective?Rumblepants_Front_Cover_300p

Well, Mr. Holmes was Scotland Yard’s first choice, too, but he’s on vacation with Mr. Watson in Spain. So Inspector Rumblepants and Sergeant Widebottom are on the job! Their slight mishap with the Big Ben case aside (who doesn’t get a little turned around with maps, anyway?), they are an unbeatable pair.

Though it’s true, our two heroes have their faults. Widebottom snores and Rumblepants may have a little trouble with direction (though he’d never admit it). By the time the fingerprint powder explodes all over the crime scene, you may start to get a little worried about this duo’s crime-solving capabilities.

But don’t despair! For one, Widebottom’s bottomless stomach serves them well in their search for information, and for another, England’s top secret, secret service—MI six-and-a-half—has sent one of its best agents, Agent Amber, to join the detective team. With only a brush and her pinky finger to assist, Agent Amber is more than a match for hordes of evildoers or bands of gypsies.

The search for the Golden Haggis is a dangerous one, plagued with internal treachery and devious villains, but the protagonists’ faltering steps to the solution will keep your stomach sore from laughter and your curiosity piqued for the story’s conclusion. You can check out a sneak peek of the chapter book here.

“This is fingerprint dust,” said Inspector Rumblepants, pointing to the large can of white powder. “I borrowed it from Sherlock Holmes before he went on holiday a few days ago.” Rumblepants tapped the side of the container with one finger. He peered at the tin can left by the Thief and then looked around the room thoughtfully. “He said go lightly with it,” said the Inspector, turning the container around, “but there don’t seem to be any instructions on how to use it.”

“I am sure it’s simple enough to use,” said Sergeant Widebottom, smiling at the Inspector. “You are a better detective than Sherlock, after all,” he said brightly.

“Yes that’s true,” said Inspector Rumblepants. “I used to beat him at chess when we were at school.” He tugged at the lid of the container, which was stuck tight. (“Well, up until we left elementary school,” he admitted to himself quietly, while trying to pull the lid off the container.)

The lid was stuck, and the Inspector’s face went red as he pulled harder. Suddenly, the lid flew off the container and a huge cloud of white powder went up into the air. The Inspector started to cough. “A bit too much, perhaps,” he gasped between coughs, his clothes covered in powder.

McDonald and a Scottish guard moved to one side to avoid the white cloud that was slowly settling to the floor, making it look like it had snowed in the room. Meanwhile, Agent Amber knelt in one corner, looking at a scuff mark on the floor with interest.

Inspector Rumblepants and the Case of the Golden Haggis is Mike Blyth’s debut book for kids from 9 to 12 years old and is now available! You can find it at the BQB online store, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. The ebook is available through Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and other major retailers.