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Happy Earth Day from Eartha!Earth Day is the perfect occasion to get outside and do something good for the planet.

EarthaCover-with Moonbeam AwardWe’ve got the perfect Moonbeam Award-winning book to complement the day and help motivate the kids who are having trouble shaking the sedimentary habits brought on by winter. Eartha Gets Well by Kristi and Dr. Daniel Falk not only shows kids how getting outdoors will help them feel better and healthier but also how we can all work to get the Earth feeling a little healthier.

When we meet Eartha, she is not a fan of fruits and vegetables, and she never gets outside to be active. Instead, Eartha feels tired and is always sick. Things start to change when her mother tells her she can’t leave the table until she eats all the vegetables on her plate. At first, Eartha is pretty unhappy, but then she has a very interesting dream that makes her change her unhealthy habits. (You can see a sample of the book here.)

After Eartha starts getting well, she notices other things that aren’t as healthy as they could be, like her dog, Cooper, and the crops she sees on a walk. Eartha decides to do something about the problems she’s encountering, and she encourages you to, too.

As you can tell, the story compliments Earth Day, with a message that will get kids interested in taking positive steps to a healthier lifestyle, for themselves and the planet.

Wondering what some activities you and the kids can do after reading Eartha? Here are a few ideas we had:

• Check out the Earth Day 2013 website and its Face of Climate Change campaign. They have materials to help you start your own Earth Day event and great information geared to all ages on ways to go green, such as recycling for elementary students and water filtering for middle schoolers.
• Pick out a tree (or two!) at your local nursery to plant in your backyard. If a nearby park is hosting a tree-planting event for the holiday, jump onboard.
• Go to the farmers market with the kids and get ingredients for a fresh, vegetable based dish, like ratatouille or pasta primavera.
ColorCase8.000x10.000.indd• Start your own garden to grow your own fresh veggies—radishes, lettuce, and basil are fairly easy for first-time gardeners. For another fun book to inspire your kids to plant, check out Come Out to the Garden
• If you don’t already, start a recycling plan or using the one available from your community.

So what will you be doing today? Planting a tree? Taking a hike? Be like Eartha, and choose to make a difference!

You can find Eartha Gets Well in hardcover through BQB’s online store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite bookseller. You can also download the eBook for instant enjoyment today through Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, and others.