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Each morning, I spend some time at our local aquatic center getting some exercise and centering myself for the day ahead. This Monday morning there was a parking spot close to the front door, (which is welcome on Monday mornings!) so I pulled in even though the spot was a bit tight because the car on my right was snuggled up against the line. I drove into it, parked, and went inside to enjoy the water and some movement.

Apparently the car that had parked in the spot before me wasn’t too happy with the parking job the other driver had done because when I came out, there was a two-layered note on my windshield. I couldn’t help but giggling all the way home as I thought about it. It appeared as though the driver who had parked in the spot before me had left a little sticky note on the other car “All this room & you had to park almost on the line–very RUDE!” Well, not to be outdone, the other driver placed the sticky note on a notebook page and under it penned “You’re the rude one & can’t drive.” All this energy had been expended and the note was placed on the wrong car. . .mine.

I thought about all the energy that each woman (I assumed they were women because male verbiage is usually a bit tougher) must have expended to first get upset about the situation, then find a pen and paper to write it down, and finally to take the time to place it on the other car’s windshield. And what did they gain? Satisfaction? From what? Simply letting someone else know they were irritated?

I must admit, their expended energies did give me a giggle first thing on a Monday morning and it reminded me to expend my energy wisely and not sweat the small stuff.