Summer days run long, and sometimes seem never ending. A month into summer, are you starting to get nervous about running out of activities for kids on break from school?

Don’t panic just yet, Summer Adventures with Kate and JR might just stir up some creative ideas for you and rambunctious K-5ers. Just a few activities that Kate and JR partake in are gardening, model car building, and nature walking.

Feeling inspired yet?

If not, take a quick look inside and see if you’re not convinced. Happy adventures!

   On a bright, sunny, late-summer afternoon, Kate and JR, along with their Grandma Sue, set off on an adventure. They were going for a walk in the woods behind their
grandparents’ home.
   “What will we find?” Kate asked.
   “What will we see?” JR echoed.
   “You never know what you will find in the woods. There are a lot of different birds and animals that make their homes among the trees,” Grandma Sue responded. Kate took her camera. Grandma Sue packed a backpack with water and a snack. She left a note for Grandpa Jim. JR rummaged through the assortment of walking sticks kept by the back door until he found the perfect length for his grandmother and a shorter one for himself. A good walking stick would come in handy in case they needed to brush something off the path. It also made the walking a little bit easier. Kate didn’t want a stick. Off they went down the path that led to the woods,laughing and singing silly songs. But as they got closer to the woods, Grandma Sue stopped and told Kate and
JR, “You will have to whisper in the woods if you want to see the animals that live there.” Kate and JR agreed, but knew it would be hard.
   As they walked along the path, shiny rocks glistened in the afternoon sun. Birds were chirping in the trees. However, a pecking sound coming from a tall pine tree caught their attention. It sounded like a hammer tapping, tapping, as if on a stubborn nail. Up in the tree was a bold, red-headed woodpecker busily pecking tiny holes in the bark, making a circular pattern around the tree. “The woodpecker is looking for insects and sap to satisfy its appetite,” Grandma Sue explained.
   Kate snapped a few photos. She saw the woodpecker give her a quick glance, and then back to work it went, as if to say, “I’m too busy for visitors today!”
   So off the adventurers went.

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