Anytime Soon Cover v.15The life of any soon-to-be grad is stressful. The uncertainty of the future is a big difference from the routine of signing up for classes, buying new books and binders, and reuniting with friends. But for college senior Anaya Goode, her impending graduation is possibly the least of her worries.

Her brother’s recent death has cast a pall over her entire family, not to mention that her own grief is hard enough to handle on its own. One of her friend’s “casual” drug use is another burden with which Anaya contends in addition to the minor (and not-so-minor) tiffs she has were her mother on a daily basis.

To say she is feeling emotionally stretched is putting it lightly.

But things start to look up when a professor offers her a job at a law firm and she gets invited on a date by a cute guy named Carl. Are these the first indications that things are starting to fall into place for Anaya? Find out by ordering your copy of Anytime Soon.

Here’s a short excerpt to get you hooked:

  Octavia, the receptionist at work, and I were supposed to hang out that night.
  I showered and then headed to her place. When I arrived, I double-checked the address she had given me. The luxury condos sported a sign that boasted three- and four-bedroom condos for sale starting at a quarter of a million dollars.
  How can she afford to live here?
  The doorman asked my name and the unit number I was going to visit. Octavia must have already called down, because the doorman pointed toward the elevator and told me to have a nice evening.
  Her three-year-old son answered the door in cowboy boots with spurs and a huge cowboy hat. I smiled at him and extended my hand. He looked at my hand, expressionless, then looked back up at my face.
  “What’s your name?” I asked, bending down to his level.
  “I’m Anaya . . . your mom’s friend.”
  He just stood there, staring at me.
  “You stink!” he said.
  I must have put on too much perfume.
  “Ny?” Octavia called, coming to the door. “Come on inside. Boy, move and let her in.” She chuckled at her son.
  She was casually sexy in skinny jeans and a white, button down shirt. As usual, she was wearing a lot of makeup—which she actually didn’t need, because she was so pretty.
  “Hey, Octavia,” I greeted her.
  “What’s up, girl?” she replied.
  “I’m good. This is a nice place,” I said, looking around.
  “Say hi to Anaya, Malik,” she said to the mini-cowboy. He pinched his nose and ran away, laughing.
  “Well, make yourself at home while I finish getting ready. My cousin, Ebony, was gonna babysit for me. But she was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago.”
  Octavia had a large, sunken living room that was perfect for children. There was a flat-panel TV on the wall in the corner of the room, and two red couches. The walls were adorned with pictures of Malik and one huge pencil sketch of SpongeBob, matted in a beautiful cherry wood frame. In another corner, there was a tent with a little table and chair set next to it. Near the TV, there was a bookcase full of DVDs and another bookcase full of books, coloring books, and puzzles. There was also a basket full of magazines: Highlights, Jet, and Bay Area Parent.
  I was shocked.
  And all this time, I thought she was a party girl. I sat down on the larger of the red couches, which felt like it was filled with feathers.
  Way too soft for me, but the kid probably loves it. Malik came back into the living room, apparently for the sole purpose of ogling me, because that’s all he did. I wasn’t the greatest with kids, but I smiled at him, hoping he would speak
first. He didn’t. He just gawked.
  “Hi,” I tried again.
  Still nothing.
  “Is that your truck over there by the chair?”
  “You stink!” he repeated.
  He ran away again.
  I lifted my arm and took a good whiff.
  Octavia came in, her own perfume filling the room as she talked loudly on the phone. From what I could gather, the babysitting cousin had gotten caught up in some drama and was running late. Octavia shouted some expletives into the phone and hung up.

A portion of the first chapter is also available at the sneak peek here. You can learn more about the author, Tamika Christy, at her author profile. Anytime Soon is available for through BQB’s online store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite bookseller.