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Today’s guest blogger is writer and blogger Ty Mall.

Did anyone ever ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? What did you say? A doctor? Maybe a lawyer, astronaut, or baseball player? I can’t remember who asked me, but I remember my answer:

“I don’t know.”

Is that how you feel about blogging? All questions, no real answers? It took me nine years to start a blog. Lots of wondering and wheel-spinning. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Here are three big reasons why I needed all that time.

I didn’t know enough about writing.

I’d written for school, but never had nuts-and-bolts training beyond basics. In 2004, I enrolled in a correspondence course that taught fiction and nonfiction writing for the magazine market. Concepts like structure, story, and other techniques gave me a solid foundation.

I didn’t know enough about blogging itself.

I thought a blog was an online diary, and nothing else. Who needs to know what I ate today? Or that I lost a shoe, or whatever? And who would read about it? Life is about regular things, but I thought a blog should be more. Then I read a few blogs that interested me. I actually looked forward to browsing them, after a while. Maybe blogging wasn’t so bad.

I didn’t think I was unique enough.

Have you ever felt that way? This was a major block for me. Since blogging is writing, that’s what a lot of blogs are about. What could I add to that? I started studying copywriting in 2012, as a way to expand my writing skill. I read some excellent blog posts about different types of writing borrowing from one another, and got a nudge from a mentor. Over a year after my copywriting studies started, my blog was born. I solved the “what do I write about?” problem by combining fiction and copywriting.

After nine years, the pieces fell into place. And every moment was my own to discover. That’s why I wouldn’t change one minute of it.

What about you? There’s no reason to let doubt hold you back. Don’t wheel-spin. Just start. Do something today, and keep it going.

You never know where you’ll end up.

Bio: Ty Mall is a writer and blogger who loves technology, eating, and reading. He blogs at http://www.fictionandcopydecoded.wordpress.com. Feel free to stop by his website at http://www.tymallcopywriting.yolasite.com. He lives in Illinois with his family and a cat who likes to have adventures.