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Our guest blogger today is Ben Cherot, author of the adventure novel, Tropic Squall

benWriting is an obsession . . . not simply an endeavor  . . . nor a passion . . . until the project is accomplished. Then it’s remembered as a pleasure . . . until you reread it and realize it needs to be edited. But no matter how much you doctor it the damn thing just doesn’t ring as completed. So you apply endless hours to improving it. And you can only exhale when you’ve arrived at that place that you’ve done the best that can be done.

Confident, you send your manuscript to an agent or publisher, concerned only with how long before you’re informed that its accepted. Every day seems to get longer as you evoke patience to wait for approval and acclamation. It requires effort not to spend too much time fantasizing being showered with kudos and wallowing in the aura of best-seller.

When doubt sets in you wonder if you shouldn’t have worded some sections differently . . . or given certain characters different names. Perhaps the plot might have been explained more fully. Length can be a problem if too long . . . perhaps rambling and long-winded. Or did you make it too succinct to be dramatic . . . or fail to fully flesh out the characters and the story.

Hopefully someone else didn’t send in a story similar to yours . . . set in the same locale and with a story-line that denies yours coming across as original. Yes, you’ve been rejected before for those reasons. But you were careful not to commit that sort of faux pas again. You went over it a number of times to make certain you hadn’t committed those errors . . . even read it aloud to be certain.

Dammit! You’re sure you’ve written it as perfectly as could be done. So now you can only await that decisive reply.