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Our guest blogger today is Kennesaw State University student,  Jessica Dugger. 

books2Over the years I have spent my free time (and money!) collecting books. I love the thrill of finding the novel you’ve been searching for and the excitement of discovering a new series. I love perusing the shelves of local books stores and will go out of my way in order to visit my usual spots. That being said, I do own a Nook. I love the convenience of holding multiple series in my hands and the knowledge that if I finish one, I can start another at the touch of a finger. If it is too late to go to a bookstore, I can search and find my next book in my living room. I have several friends who own Nooks and Kindles and no longer buy “real” books. To me, there is no difference between the two. I still love the smell of the pages and cracking the spine of a book for the first time, but I also love carrying so many books at one time. I have heard many people say that ebooks will make traditional books extinct. I do not think this is so, in fact I believe that ebooks will only further the love of reading and make books available to more people.

Here is how I balance my love of “real” books and my love of technology: I have and keep both. If I find a book on my Nook that I truly enjoy, I will go out and buy the hard-copy of it. My idea is that if I ever get the chance to meet the author, I could have them sign something for me and they would know that I appreciate their hard work. I also keep my Nook handy with me so that if I am talking to friends about a book and I do not happen to have the hard-copy with me, I can easily show them and let them read what they want of it.

I enjoy the work of the author regardless of what medium I use to read it. I have dreams of owning the largest private library in the world, but I would also like to be able to take my library wherever I may go. Perhaps one day I will own the largest private hard-copy and electronic library in the world.