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Alice de SturlerAs the President of BQB Publishing, it’s my job to find amazing talent from all over the country to produce quality books, support our authors, and promote and market the books we publish. The beauty of running a virtual company is that we aren’t limited to one geographical location, and can gather people from all over the country. And, I’m proud to say we have an amazing management team. 

Starting on April 1st, our team becomes even better as Alice de Sturler joins us as BQB’s Blog Manager. Alice is a freelance blogger who lives in Blacksburg, Virginia and manages two blogs of her own: The award-winning, Defrosting Cold Cases, and Your Blog Coach. Alice’s passion for what she does, along with her creativity and ability to keep up with what’s new in the world of blogging, will take BQB’s blog to new heights and broader dimensions.

I readily admit that social media often baffles and overwhelms me. But luckily I’ve gained enough smarts over the years to surround myself with people who do understand social media and all its facets. When Alice and I have conversations about blogging, I’m often left in the dust as she outlines what we need to do, should do, and will be doing. Generally, I can keep up, but there are times I just smile and relax in the swirl of ideas and imagination. I can promise you that it’s going to be a wonderful ride as Alice steers BQB’s blog between the diverse categories of: writing and editing; great books to read; interviews with BQB’s authors; giveaways; contests (for both readers and writers); and a whole bunch more.

I haven’t yet learned how to do a virtual drum roll, but if I did know how, I’d do it now as I announce and welcome Alice de Sturler to the BQB Management Team.