Welcome to a new series on BQB: “From the desk of …” that will feature BQB authors and staff to give the readers an exclusive view of their favorite authors’ work space and writing habits.

We will post pictures of our authors and staff at their desk. Each will describe their desk, what is on it, and highlight some very special items they always have around when writing.

Launching this new series is John A. Daly, author of “From a Dead Sleep.”

From his desk …

From the desk of John A Daly

From the desk of John A Daly

Though I’m quite at ease writing on a laptop computer in my living room, I’m convinced that I do my best work from behind a wooden desk in my home office.

It’s a large, very heavy, L-shaped computer desk with a slate-colored top that my wife and I have owned for probably ten years. I like it not just for its modern, multi-level look, but also because it provides a great deal of workspace. Additionally, its design makes it easy to dock my laptop to the larger keyboard and monitor that it hosts.

When writing at my desk, I enjoy the view of my neighborhood through a large window to my right. The activity outside – whether it’s from people in motion or simply the weather – always provides some welcome energy.

I find inspiration to my left, where a tall bookcase features the work of some of my favorite authors and writers, including Cormac McCarthy, Tim Green, Bernard Goldberg, and Charles Krauthammer.

Higher on the bookcase is a wooden, tombstone radio from the 1930’s. It belonged to my father who wanted to unload it a few years ago. I gladly took it off his hands. I think it adds some character to the office.

Propped up beside the radio is a picture of my late grandfather, Kolman Toth, as a young man. The two of us were close, and I suppose it isn’t pure coincidence that the protagonist in my novel, From a Dead Sleep, bears the last name of Coleman.

On the wall opposite my desk is a large, framed poster of the cover of From a Dead Sleep. My wife gave it to me as a gift last year. It serves as a reminder of the sense of achievement I felt when my first book was published.

I think it’s important that writers surround themselves with a comfortable and appealing work environment. I really do believe it makes a difference in the quality of their work.