Author Jack Tuttle at his desk

Author Jack Tuttle at his desk

I have been sitting in front of my computer daily since January, 2003. It was then we closed Insight Metaphysical Bookstore in favor of a website bookstore. We continued to generate a significant number of orders for a while, so there was plenty to do. Files of recent orders and backorders are still close at hand at all times despite reduced business.

As orders waned, I began a nine-year job as a journalist and assistant publisher of a sports website. I estimate preparing around 3000 articles (1.5 to 3 pages single-spaced) during that period, with around 2400 coming the last four years on the job. All were written at the desk shown in the enclosed photo. Seventy hours was my normal work week. Most of the materials I used during this time are no longer present on my desk, with the exception of some papers listing prospective football and basketball recruits. I haven’t gotten around to doing something with them.

Prominent in the photo is a CD/cassette player we used for a number of years in our physical store. I have a large number of New Age music CD’s and tapes at the ready. In addition, I have quite a few recordings from my years as a member of the University of Illinois Concert Band, and I also enjoy listening to a wide variety of popular music artists and groups, especially those sharing deep, heart-felt messages.

Three books I’m presently reading off and on are stationed on my desk, and four more are resting on top of my printer. I don’t do a lot of reading, except for brief explosions of interest. In fact, what I learned for my book came prior to me finding books on similar subjects. Not found prominently in book stores back in 1978, metaphysical books added credibility to my learning process, once I discovered they existed.

One may or not see some wrapped candy on my desk. I was given those during the time a couple years ago when I went on a diet and lost 40 pounds. I don’t eat them; they serve as a reminder of my accomplishment. As long as I resist the temptation to eat them, I’m content with my present weight.

If I could have all the space needed for an office desk, I would arrange it differently. But space limitations of a computer desk prevent too much clutter. Actually, all I needed when writing my book was an outline and list of ideas, both of which were saved in document files within my computer. Things have certainly changed for the better since 1982 when I wrote my first book, “Dogs Need Our Love,” done completely by longhand while sitting on a couch.