Kathryn Ascher

Kathryn Ascher

Our author Kathryn Ascher has embarked on a blog tour and she is taking the internet by storm. Her book “What It Takes” will officially be released on May 27.

The inspiration for Kathryn’s first novel, What It Takes, came during a trip to the grocery store.

In the checkout line, Kathryn amused herself with a tabloid article about a movie sequel she was looking forward to seeing. She read an interview with one of the actors who, when asked if he was dating his co-star, replied that he thought fans confused the characters with the actors and saw what they wanted to see.

Of course, Kathryn began to wonder what would happen if the actors themselves got confused about their relationships and feelings—and a book was born.

Some reviews for “What It Takes” have already been posted online:

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Kathryn’s book is also reviewed on Amazon.

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Kathryn is busy setting up book signings and other promotional events. She and her family live in Roanoke, Virginia. If you are in the greater New River Valley area you could meet Kathryn at a book store near you.

Happy reading!