The Stars and Stripes This Memorial Day Weekend we say THANK YOU to our service men and women with a book giveaway. BQB is making 100 books available of Rodney Page‘s “Powers Not Delegated.” This book is Rodney’s first work of fiction.

An evil alliance between Al Qaeda and Iran plots the murder of thousands of Americans, but the danger is ignored by distracted politicians more intent on subverting the Constitution in order to retain power. Already rocked by a corrupt and disintegrating administration, the nation is paralyzed as terrorists successfully infiltrate the southern border and make their way undetected to their targets. The book combines politics, intrigue, political suspense, devious plots involving number crunching and manipulation.

Powers Not Delegated shows you what happens when we misinterpret the Constitution and use it for our own agenda. Thank heavens, it also shows us how we can rise above the fraudulent behaviour. But the result comes at a cost.


  1. In the comment box, tell us who will receive this book. It has to be a service man or woman. Tell us why you admire them most.
  2. Do NOT mention their full names, military base, or mailing addresses!
  3. After the Memorial Day Weekend, the first 100 will be contacted by email by our blog manager Alice de Sturler and asked for the complete name and mailing address. The books will be sent out soon after. Kindly note that the book cover differs from the one now in stores. All addresses will be destroyed after mailing.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend from all of us at BQB Publishing!