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Author Kristi Falk

Author Kristi Falk

Sometimes freedom comes about in unexpected ways. Recently, I had a bit of a health scare and was hospitalized for 10 days, 4 of which I was on a respirator.

I attribute this to simply not paying attention to what my body was telling me. I was just too busy to notice or do anything about the symptoms that I was having. Mostly I just believed that the symptoms were giving me a different message and of course I had the answers for that.

Upon returning home, I decided to slow down and take some time for myself. A week after being discharged, I took the “time away” to an extreme and went to Italy with my husband for our anniversary trip. We were there for a week and experienced everything we could. We started in Venice for two nights, moved to Florence for three nights and then on to Rome. It was an exhausting but absolutely amazing trip and I’m so glad I was not only able to go, but able to really enjoy myself.

That is what I would call freedom for me. I had the freedom to say “enough is enough” and back away from the stress; the freedom to just go.

Since coming back from Italy, I am dividing my time between home life and writing. I am no longer quite as scattered as I was before with so many different irons in the fire.  I am able to concentrate on one thing at a time. Writing this is a perfect example. I have the freedom to concentrate on writing and marketing of our book. I have the freedom to create the next “Eartha” adventure. I have the freedom to paint whenever the mood strikes me.

Freedom is what I have needed for quite some time and I just needed a wake-up call in order to get it. Who would have thought that I could be grateful, for being so sick.