Book Cover: The Uncertain Times by Bryson Maples

Book Cover: The Uncertain Times by Bryson Maples

First-time author Bryson Maples is touring the book review blogs.

From a very young age, Bryson aspired to become a published writer. Growing up, he would read through his mother’s papers that she had written in college, and it was then that he realized he wanted to follow in her footsteps in becoming a skilled writer.

It was during his senior year of high school, in his honors English class, when he realized his true potential. The groundwork of his writing talent was established by his eighth grade English teacher. The writing methods taught to him then are what gave him the confidence to hone his writing skills and are what also gave him the ability to transform these skills into a whole new level of writing in high school.

Bryson attributes his writing ability to his outstanding English teachers Tina Brasington and Tad Wynn. These two educators challenged him in the classroom to not only become a creative writer, but also to be the type of writer who stands out, who people remember. At BQB, we salute these wonderful teachers!

The Uncertain Times” is the story of Nathaniel Mitchell who joins the Confederate cause in Georgia after witnessing a fierce battle in his own backyard. Under the command of General Johnston and without his mother’s approval, Nathan traverses the trails of the Atlanta Campaign.

We discover why he really joined and the consequences for his family. The book introduces you to many soldiers who all shape and form Nathaniel’s life. Some save him, some save his family. They all leave their mark on this young man.

The book has drawn great reviews on GoodReads and NetGalley. If you reviewed this book too, let us know so we can share the post.