From the desk of Kat Varn

From the desk of Kat Varn

The World Inside and Outside My Writing Window

Before I retired as a legal assistant, between office duties, I wrote metaphorical short stories of women’s trials, tribulations and triumphs. I sent letters to friends and elderly family that lived vicariously through small but colorful stories of my parenting experiences or travel adventures.

After I retired, I moved my writing world to a denim grandmother’s chair on the third floor of our new home. It was in the media room, hidden behind my son’s secret bookshelf door. He had recently moved out and I was an empty nester who decided to try my hand at writing a novel.

My desk is my lap. My journals are neatly stacked across the room on the TV stand shelves. Above them, my favorite “word” art speaks to me—Relax! I enjoy looking out the double doors at the beautiful Charleston marsh in my backyard. I’m refreshed and inspired by the birds, pop up thunderstorms and sunsets. The panorama rewards me for committing and isolating myself to try to fulfill my dream to write.

The atomic clock reminds me to go downstairs and visit with my husband when I lose track of time. Pictures of my belly dance friends surround the purple lava lamp. Black and white movies run in the background from the TV mounted on the wall. Sometimes incense is the inspiration. Patchouli, of course!

Even after the release of my book, Ameera Unveiled, I continue to embrace the writing dance…. Walking the high wire, without a net! I’m still trying to get used to the vulnerability of allowing readers to peek into my writing world.

Thank you, Kat, for the peek.