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Have you ever heard of a pangolin? Me neither. Would you like your first clue? It has scales, but is not a musical instrument.


Here are a few more clues: scales and fur, nocturnal and mammal. Still confused?

Here is a visual for you:


The Chinese pangolin, also known as a scaly anteater, is being threatened by poachers. Photo: Keren Su/Corbis

The Chinese Pangolin Photo: Keren Su/Corbis http://now.tufts.edu

And that ladies and gentlemen is a pangolin. With scales on it backside and fur on its belly, its natural habitat includes Africa, India, China and Southeast Asia. When frightened, it curls into a ball with its protective scales on the outside. Pangolins don’t have any teeth, so they eat insects with their long tongues, ants are their favorites. Sometimes those tongues can be almost 15 inches long! In 2010, they were added to the endangered species list.

How do I know this and why is it important? Because we read it in a book!

Roly Poly Pangolin by Anna DwedneyMy son brought home “Roly Poly Pangolin” by Anna Dewdney from the library and our whole family has fallen in love with this little animal (and the book).

Some picture books are purely for entertainment, others have lessons on manners or cleaning up toys, but “Roly Poly Pangolin” offered us an opportunity to talk about endangered species, predators, environmental factors, maternal habits and friendships. We even dusted off the atlas and found Africa, India, China and Vietnam. Our whole family learned something from this book.

If you love family-style learning as much as we do, here are a couple of books by BQB Publishing that you might want to check out:

Mr. Blue by Priscilla WhitakerMr. Blue by Priscilla Whitaker

Featuring stunning photography, Mr. Blue invites children into the vibrant world of a Great Blue Heron. The story of Mr. Blue delights, engages, and educates children about his playful personality and natural habitat. Fishing in a pond, balancing on one leg, and playing hide-and-seek are just some of the activities Mr. Blue can do while spending the day at his pond.


Where In The World Will We Go Today? by Heather TonerWhere In The World Will We Go Today? by Heather C. Toner

Let’s go on a journey! A tour of the world exploring Africa, Europe, South America, Asia, and the Middle East! Follow along on these pages to learn more about countries from all over the globe—countries that each have a story and a place on the map. The fascinating facts and hand-painted maps and landmarks from each country make learning about the world exciting.


Earth Gets WellEartha Gets Well, by Kristi and Dr. Daniel Falk

Is it a struggle to get your kids to eat healthy, want to be active, and get outside for fresh air and exercise? Then introduce them to Eartha! Eartha Gets Well is a story about a little girl who never exercised, didn’t like vegetables, and was always sick. Eartha learns how to make herself, her family, and the Earth feel better! Throughout her adventure, she realizes that she can be healthy and happy by making a few simple changes.