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See who’s writing inspired BQB Author Mark Rickert to scribe ‘The Tone Poet’

mark rickert

Stephen King

When I was a kid, I discovered a book, and it changed everything.
Stephen King’s It was waiting for me on the seat of my dad’s truck when he pulled up to the house. My brothers and I all climbed into his messy Isuzu, stinking of cigar smoke, and I noticed it right away: a massive hardcover novel with a horror-movie cover: a flooded town street and a green claw reaching from a sewer drain.
“Whoa, Dad!” I said. “What is this?”
I was twelve years old and the middle child of a middle-class family living in Nashville, Tennessee, where my dad worked as a tour guide for a country music tour bus, and my mom stayed home to raise us. My brothers and I attended a small Christian school, but my folks were lenient when it came to fiction.
My dad had bought the book for himself—or so he…

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