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Just like everyone else, I make them every year. Resolutions. Eat better. Exercise more. Be more patient with my kids. Those are my old general standards. Every year.

But this year I have a new plan. I’m going to sit down, write very specific goals and then stick them on my bathroom mirror (with steam-proof tape). Here is how it will start:

  • Finish the baby blanket for my cousin (and mail it)
  • Write all calendar items on the same calendar
  • Pack the kids’ lunches at night
  • Hem the kitchen curtain (and iron it)
  • Try a new recipe twice a month
  • Ride the exercise bike in the garage at least once a week (after I dust it off)
  • Update my writing website with new content and links
  • Return all library books on time
  • Read all the books on my nightstand (this might actually take two years)

It seems manageable, right? And while it might seem small, it is the littlest things (like packing lunches at night) that really will make the most difference in our lives!

So tell me, what resolutions are you making this year, and more importantly, how do you plan on to keep yourself accountable?

If you need some ideas, here are several inspirational books from BQB and WriteLife Publishing that offer much-needed support and encouragement on specific topics. I encourage you to pick one and feel the motivation soak in with just the turn of a page!

learningToloveLearning to Love, by Crystal Thomas combines Crystal’s personal experience of discovering the importance of putting time and energy into loving ourselves first with her professional knowledge of the crucial part that relationships play in every aspect of our lives. This guidebook helps us understand ourselves and the power that we have in creating our lives every moment of every day.


paintrollersFlying Paint Rollers from Heaven: Messages of Hope, Humor and Love from Beyond, by Andy Myers   Andy’s passion for sharing the most important message of all – you are accepted and loved, no matter what – shines through each chapter as readers discover hope and healing through candid and oftentimes astonishing personal anecdotes and tales of documented readings. And like all great books, there’s even a love story you won’t soon forget.


wellnessWellness 100: 100 Carbs/100 Recipes, by Amber French, DO, and Kari Morris  Just thinking about dieting or eating right can feel overwhelming and heavy for most of us, but Dr. Amber French and chef Kari Morris show us that it doesn’t have to be. Wellness 100 presents a realistic and optimistic option with simple guidelines and healthy, easy, and delicious recipes that are respectful of busy lifestyles. Plus, the program naturally works to combat diseases of aging such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Can you imagine wanting to eat healthy and enjoying a diet program? With Wellness 100, you can because it is an attainable lifestyle, not a fad diet.

secretIt’s a Secret, So Pass It On, by Jack Tuttle   Drawing on lessons, experiences, and information garnered across a lifetime, It’s a Secret, So Pass It On illuminates that the spiritual world is closer than you think. The connections humans so fervently search for, yearn to experience, are within us, within Nature. However, you first have to get beyond your self-imposed limits, your predetermined expectations—you have to open your mind and soul to the possibility of connection.


"Showing up the play" by Bob FiaccoShowing Up to Play, by Robert A. Fiacco   There will always be challenges as we struggle for success in any area of life. So, how do we overcome the challenges and reach the ever-elusive top 10 percent? In life as in golf, the answers are simple: humility, absolute determination, and willingness to show up and play every day.