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I love to read. That said, there were a few years where life got in the way of my reading time. It probably had something to do with having a full-time career, three little kids and a commuting husband. Those seem to be real time-sucks. As I was lamenting this loss during preschool story hour at the library one day to another mother, she told me, “Just go grab something off the Young Adult shelves. Those books are fun and fast reads.” And then she pointed me towards Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. “Try this one, I just finished it.”

And just like that, my reading spirit was re-ignited. Of course I read adult books too, but there will always be a place in my heart for the young adult adventures. The themes that many of them carry (whether they are in the dystopia, historical, contemporary or vampire genres) of independence, coming of age and self discovery will always remain timeless.

flowing2BQB author, Elena Stonewell (Flowing with the Go) loves many Young Adult books as well. She comments,

It may be because I teach teenagers and have a couple myself, but I enjoy YA books immensely. I have read the Hunger Game series, Divergent series, Wool, and Maze Runner (all similar genre). I also read Wonder, The Fault in our Stars and all the Chris Crutcher books and most of the teen sports books by John Feinstein. And although fantasy is not my favorite, I have read the Eragon series and others like that because my own children like those and ask me to read them so I will know what/who they are talking about when they bring up things from the book(s).

I think I enjoy YA books because they are easy reads, exciting and emotionally dramatic in a simple way – not emotionally complex like adult books can be.  The plots (that I enjoy) involve conflict and resolution. The more recent series have female protagonists which I think is fabulous.

As my own kids get older, I’m so happy this age-grouping of books has appeared. When I was a teen, there certainly were not as many options. I think I remember going straight from Nancy Drew detective mysteries to Danielle Steel’s adult world. There may have been a quick stop over at Sweet Valley High, but it didn’t take too long to tire of Elizabeth and Jessica’s perfect teen lives. It is so wonderful that authors like John Green, Marie Lu, Suzanne Collins, James Dashner and Cassandra Clare are pumping entertainment onto pages on a regular basis.

If you also love Young Adult books, or you’re just curious as to what the hubbub is all about, BQB and WriteLife Publshing offers several in different genres that are worth checking out.

Violet-Path-Front-Cover-v.8-399x600Violet Path by Olivia Lodise –  With her eyes of steaming violet and hair of charcoal black silk, a look that differs so radically from others in her community, she solicits the help of her fellow Shadow campers and succeeds in her new life of camouflage . . . but at what cost? Tormented, Alexia watches as Matthew’s soldiers torture and kill her companions in their quest to capture her.


WL_spudSpud by Patricia Orvis – During the stifling Illinois summer heat wave of 1995, unthinkable tragedies shake Jackson Cooper’s world. How will he deal with the horrific loss of his best friend, the unforgiving heat, and the expectations? Will he find acceptance, win his girl, and feel like life is meaningful again? Or will he, too, succumb to a similar fate?


Falling-Cover-Front-Cover-399x600Falling into Forever by Tammy Turner – High school senior Alexandra Peyton has a secret admirer with devilish good looks: shoulder-sweeping raven hair, brooding azure eyes, and a ten-foot wing span. But their thousand-year age difference may be a deal breaker for the shy seventeen-year-old.


End-Of-Never-Cover-v.2-399x600The End of Never by Tammy Turner  –  In the sequel to debut novel Falling into Forever, Alexandra learns that the end of innocence does not always begin with a warning and growing up means learning to fly with your own wings.