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Monday was President’s Day and I was wondering if President Obama took the day off? Do you think he locked the oval office door on Friday night and like many in America said, “See you Tuesday?” I also wonder how all the early presidents (for which the day is celebrated) were able to manage a country without current technology. Need to send a message to Louisiana or Maine? A horse and rider where the best option for many decades. Or what about Air Force One? I know this is totally petty, but I’ve always wondered if it has one of those fancy massage chairs from Brookstone for relaxing on cross-country trips between power decision-making sessions?

If you’ve also wondered what it would be like to be a President or high power politician, you’ll definitely like these modern-day political thrillers. In each, politicians battle threats to the country, sometimes internal and sometimes external, which must be resolved. Security, leadership and integrity are all crucial when the stakes of our great country are at risk.

Powers-Not-Delegated-Cover-v.1-400x600Powers Not Delegated by Rodney Page – An evil alliance between Al Qaeda and Iran plots the murder of thousands of Americans, but the danger is ignored by distracted politicians more intent on subverting the Constitution in order to retain power. Already rocked by a corrupt and disintegrating administration, the nation is paralyzed as terrorists successfully infiltrate the southern border and make their way undetected to their targets. In the midst of a government run amuck, remarkable courage is displayed by a group of governors, the CEO of an automobile company, and a congressman from coastal Georgia as they fight to bring the country back from the abyss. But are they too late?

death intern new coverDeath of an Intern by Keith M. Donaldson – A riveting, suspenseful introduction to Donaldson’s series, Death of an Intern features Laura Wolfe, a tenacious beat reporter for the Washington Star. Laura tracks a DC serial killer who butchers pregnant women and steals their fetuses, dumping the naked bodies with no identification in an obscure part of the city. When shown the body of victim number two, Laura recognizes her as someone she remembers from a reception for the vice president of the United States.

senatecloakroomSenate Cloakroom Cabal by Keith M. Donaldson – Senator Dalton and Laura suspect a Capitol Hill conspiracy with horrific consequences—keeping this anxiously awaited drug away from the American people—a conspiracy of greed and deceit that, without warning, turns deadly. Senate Cloakroom Cabal is the second installment in the thrilling Laura Wolfe series, following Death of an Intern.


Rude-Front-Cover-400x600Rude Awakenings by Keith M. Donaldson – On his first day in office, Centrist Party President Mike Macdonald is awakened by the words, “Sir, there’s been a nuclear explosion.” In a nanosecond, his agenda revolving around a carefully crafted financial, economic, and military renewal program for America changes. Millions of American citizens have been slaughtered and displaced. His vice president, former Indiana Governor Bryanna Dudley, is being flown out of DC on Air Force Two and will initiate the rescue and recovery organization from 40,000 feet.

Macdonald must hold the government together, but in the midst of dealing with untold aspects of the aftermath and searching for the terrorists responsible, a global currency manipulation begins devaluing the US dollar. As the country’s plight rapidly deteriorates, Macdonald creates an international financial scam that must work.