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The old adage says that you can’t choose a book by its cover. But occasionally a title catches my eye and I think, “I must read that!”

murderWhen I saw, “Is it Still Murder Even if She was a Bitch?” by Robin Leeman Donovon, I laughed out loud. We’ve all met someone we absolutely couldn’t stand to be around. Whether it is a co-worker, a neighbor or an in-law, they usually have a grating voice, a horrid laugh and an obnoxious point of view.

Admit it, I know you’re thinking of someone right now.

Donovon’s fictional heroine, Donna Leigh, is the owner of a Public Relations firm in Omaha, Nebraska where the murder victim was an ex-employee and burned many bridges with her abrasive personality. The victim was rude, conceited, overly ambitious and cranky. Pretty much everyone believed she had it coming. But now, Donna and her co-workers must figure out who done it!

Part comedy and part murder-mystery, Donna and her crew have a few mishaps with ladders, run away police cars and ramshackled buildings. Each of the characters they interview has a vested interest in the murder and even if they didn’t do, they probably should have! Following their investigative adventures is entertaining because Donna is curious, witty and menopausal. She is an older Stephanie Plum and a younger Jessica Fletcher with a flair for justice, even for a bitch.

So pick up “Is it Still Murder Even if She was a Bitch?” today and you’ll be completely entertained. Will you be able to figure out who done it before Donna does?

If you’re curious about how author Robin Leeman Donovon came up with the title, be sure to read this interview. Her second book in the series will be called “I Didn’t Kill Her But That May Have Been Short-Sighted” and is in the final editing stages now. This is clearly another great title.

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