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We’re well past the Christmas season, but there are still wise men everywhere in the world. As humans, we aren’t born with wisdom, but it is something we acquire along the way. Life circumstances, education, hard knocks, time and family upbringing all contribute to our collective learning curves.

BQB and WriteLife Publishing are proud that these men chose to share their stories, wit and wisdom on the written page. Following is a collection of essays, stories and life experiences from the trenches of real life. These men have lived and are willing to share their wisdom. Some will make you laugh while others bring out the tears.

Please follow the links to read these authors’ bios as these men are each very accomplished in their own fields. Whichever book you choose, you’ll soon be the wiser…

life, little brown dogLife, A Little Brown Dog, & Shite Like That, by Michael Riddell The view from his daughter’s couch was nothing short of humbling. The couch was his bed, his shortcomings, his failure. At the age of forty-five, Michael Riddell found himself bereft of career, marriage, money, and wondering why. He had always done as expected: growing up in middle Australia, he married his college sweetheart, joined the family business, and chased his career with everything he had. Surrendering and sacrificing his home life, every step he took was in the name of success.

But now, wallowing in a depression full of remorse, self-pity, and guilt, a chance visit to Melinda’s Out There shop starts Michael on the road to redemption—his soul’s path to renewal. Michael Riddell suffered more than a mid-life crisis. Call it a complete life revision.

paintrollersFlying Paint Rollers from Heaven: Messages of Hope, Humor and Love from Beyond, by Andy Myers “Can my loved ones in Heaven see what I’m doing ALL the time? Which affects my life more: free will or destiny? Do I have a grand plan? How do I know who my spirit guide is? Can one person really read the mind of another person? Am I with my soul mate? If not, when will I be?”

These are just some of the many questions Psychic Medium, Andy Myers answers on a daily basis. With warmth, humor and his signature sincerity, Andy addresses over 70 questions he most often answers as an in-demand psychic medium and intuitive.

Andy’s passion for sharing the most important message of all – you are accepted and loved, no matter what – shines through each chapter as readers discover hope and healing through candid and oftentimes astonishing personal anecdotes and tales of documented readings. And like all great books, there’s even a love story you won’t soon forget.

pieI Hope There’s Pie, by Tony Endelman He is not a rockstar, an athlete, an actor, or a hero of any kind. He’s a twenty-something guy, living in the Midwest, stumbling through life like many of us do and hoping to learn something along the way. I Hope There’s Pie is a collection of eleven personal essays in which Endelman recounts experiences with family, friendship, depression, failure, work, sex, and drugs – and does so with such affecting honesty and utter hilarity that, by the last page, it’s impossible not to feel like you’ve been hanging out with him for years. With a knack for turning the seemingly mundane into the vastly amusing, Tony Endelman just might be one of the next great comedic voices.

secretIt’s a Secret, So Pass It On, by Jack Tuttle Drawing on lessons, experiences, and information garnered across a lifetime, It’s a Secret, So Pass It On illuminates that the spiritual world is closer than you think. The connections humans so fervently search for, yearn to experience, are within us, within Nature. However, you first have to get beyond your self-imposed limits, your predetermined expectations—you have to open your mind and soul to the possibility of connection. It’s a Secret, So Pass It On, will help you balance this eternal equation of life, peace, and spirituality. Discover your true self and strengthen your internal and external connections through this transformational journey.

little birdsLittle Bird with Broken Wings, by David Martin “These pages represent the accumulated wisdom of more than thirty years that David Martin has spent as a writer, teacher, editor, and inspiration. Fine Lines (a literary journal) has been his gift to the world, a champion of literacy and lyricism, a ‘lighthouse’ to countless writers of all ages, from all over the globe, but it is not his only gift. In this collection of his writing, Martin invites us to see the world through his attentive eyes, bearing witness to what endures, what matters: a mother’s love, the flicker of a firefly, the mystery of a dream, a beloved teacher, a triumphant student, the power of myth, and most of all, the written word. Inside his vision, readers are shown the richness, challenges, and rewards of the individual’s effort to write, as he says, ‘my own internal rhythms and play my own tunes.’ This book is a song, a gift, in which we can all take pleasure.” -Dr. John Price, Department of English, University of Nebraska at Omaha.

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