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I grew up in rural Alaskan villages that didn’t have a library. Sounds horrid, right? No library? Well, one of the services offered by the Anchorage Public Library at that time was a monthly Box of Books. This meant each month a box of books would arrive on the mail plane and my father would drive our snowmobile to the runway to pick it up. When that box arrived it was the best thing ever. It was more exciting than Christmas morning!

There would be picture books for my little brother, Nancy Drew books for me, romance beach reads to keep my frostbitten mother warm, and snow mobile fix-it guides for my father. This box of books was where I discovered treasures like, “Where the Red Fern Grows” and “Island of the Blue Dolphin.” It was great entertainment for our snowbound family. When it came time to send them back, we would rank them, and then a volunteer on the other end would pick out our next month’s selections.

If you would like to have a similar experience, BQB Publishing and WriteLife Publishing have surprise grab bags of books for sale for only $10.00. This is a great way to stock up on summer reading adventures and education. It is also an affordable way to read something outside your favorite genre. You can select a bag for children or a bag for adults.

This inventory is made up of books whose covers have changed, and books that have been returned by booksellers due to nicks/scratches or tiny creases along the cover. Don’t worry, we guarantee the last chapter will be there. We won’t leave you hanging!

The grab bags for adults will include a variety of genres by BQB and WriteLife Publishing. A biography, mystery, self-help, romance, inspirational memoir or cook book might just be included. Many of the books you have read about on this blog might be included, so this is your chance to acquire them at a great price. Follow this link to order now!

Here is variety of titles that just might be included in your grab bag for adults:

ReikiTeachersManualpiefarthest housechangingTheGamePlan


The grab bag for children will include a variety of picture books, middle grade chapter books or young adult books. If you have kids that say, “I’m bored!” all summer, this could be your cure. Order now by following this link!

Here is a variety of titles that just might be included in your grab bag for children:



 The possibilities are endless!

-All books by BQB and WriteLife Publishing are available at Amazon.com or can be ordered by your favorite local bookstore.-