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I haven’t read anything by horror-master Stephen King since I was in high school. Mainly because “The Shining” scared my hair curly. But recently I took a creative writing class through our local recreation district and many of the other students were huge horror fans. As they discussed their favorites, “Misery,” and “The Stand,” it was pretty obvious that I should dabble back into the genre and see what it is all about.

And considering how frightening it is to read horror stories with the lights off, maybe summer is a good time because the sun is up much longer than in January!

I did place “On Writing” by Stephen King on hold at the library, but that might be as far as I can safely go down King’s dark twisted alley.

The-Tone-Poet_front-cover-400x600And not that it appears any safer on the scary scale, but this is the book I’m starting with: “The Tone Poet” by Mark Rickert. It was just awarded the finalist award in the 2015 Erik Hoffer Book Awards and its reviews are terrifying. Perfect, right.

If you’re new to the horror genre, you can sample “The Tone Poet” by downloading the first eleven chapters here for free. This is a great way to check it out. Just be sure to keep the lights on!

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