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Thanks to the wonder of the “Schedule Ahead” button and technology, while you’re reading this blog, I’m at summer camp! I hope you think reading this blog is fun, but at this very moment, I might be helping Girl Scouts in my troop learn the J-stroke in a canoe, fold a pocket knife safely, find new hiding places for capture the flag or effectively cast a rod without catching their neighboring scout. I win!

You’re right, there is also the potential that I’m listening to a “This Is A Repeat Song” for the 112th time and slapping relentless vampire mosquitoes. You win!

Volunteering at my daughter’s summer camp brings back memories of my own camp adventures with s’mores, leaky tents, portaging canoes on scrawny teen legs, listening to a college age counselor read a chapter of a Nancy Drew adventure each night and learning to barrel race on a cranky horse. Books with covers like these just reek of summer escapades that include sunscreen, bug spray and laughter. Feel free to click on one of the covers to see what they’re all about…

WL_spudFirefly-Front-Cover-398x600SummerAdventuresNow, let’s get back to those pesky mosquitoes. BQB Author Jack Tuttle wrote an interesting blog last week about blood types and the propensity for behaviors and diseases based on those types. If you haven’t read it yet, here is the link.

After I read Mr. Tuttle’s blog, it made me think about my own kids and their mosquito attraction levels. I’m certainly not a medical professional, just an observant parent. But for every mosquito bite that my middle son receives, the other two children have at least ten. On just their arms. And it is this way every summer. Why? Is he a better slapper? Cleaner? Stinkier? I just don’t know, but after a few email exchanges, Mr. Tuttle and I have decided that it very well could be related to their individual blood types. ‘Sweet blood or sour blood,’ my kids have decided to label their differences.

secretJack Tuttle’s book, “It’s A Secret, So Pass It On: A Toolbox For Life” draws on lessons, experiences, and information garnered across a lifetime, It’s a Secret, So Pass It On illuminates that the spiritual world is closer than you think. The connections humans so fervently search for, yearn to experience, are within us, within Nature. However, you first have to get beyond your self-imposed limits, your predetermined expectations—you have to open your mind and soul to the possibility of connection. It’s a Secret, So Pass It On, will help you balance this eternal equation of life, peace, and spirituality. Discover your true self and strengthen your internal and external connections through this transformational journey.

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