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Have you seen the price of airline tickets this summer? Especially for a family of five? Slowly, we have begun wrapping our brains (and backsides) around the idea of a twenty hour road trip that will take us halfway across America to the sanctuary of the grandparents’ waiting arms.

“Old McDonald had a farm.”

“Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow.”

“You can’t ride in my little red wagon.”

And with a cooler full of nourishment, we’ll be off. Along the way we hope to fill those twenty hours with a variety of audio books, movies, car bingo, alphabet games and naps (hopefully).

WriteLife Authors Lucy Adkins and Becky Breed have a wonderful blog about road trips and the inspiration that the combination of boredom and adventure can create. Their guiding questions at the end will be helpful to writers, photographers and artists of all kinds. “Road Trips” on the Writing in Community Blog.

WritinginCommunityLucy Adkins and Becky Breed are the authors of Writing in Community: Say Goodbye to Writer’s Block and Transform Your Life. It is a book of inspiration and encouragement for writers who want to reach deep within themselves and write to their fullest potential. There is magic in a successful writing group. This book helps writers tap into that magic, and with gentle wisdom and humor, experience unprecedented breakthroughs in creativity.

You can read the rave reviews here: REVIEWS.


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