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One of the best presents my kids have ever received is a set of four laminated place mats. Two display the world and the other two show the United States. When dinner isn’t quite ready, they’ll move their plates aside and count the states they have been to, run their fingers along the rivers, trace imaginary shipping routes around continents and ask, “Does the Easter Bunny live on Easter Island?” or “When can we go to Thailand?”

They have also figured out why polar bears don’t eat or play with penguins. It’s a Northern Hemisphere vs. Southern Hemisphere thing, folks. Each to their own. Anytime you see polar bears and penguins frolicking joyfully together in a picture book, it is a fantasy!

We also have a road trip coming up, so we’ve been talking about the new states they will visit and what we’ll see along the way.

Where In The World Will We Go Today? by Heather Toner“Where in the World Will We Go Today?” is a great book for kids who like traveling and learning about other cultures in faraway lands. When I read it with the kids they like to find the countries on the map and imagine what life would be like in each of the places mentioned: Ireland, Tanzania, Portugal and more!

Author, teacher and parent Heather C. Toner was inspired to write “Where in the World Will We Go Today?” by her English Language Learning students who wanted to know more about other people and places. Further research revealed that even her US-born son and children in his age group had equally minimal abilities to share information about countries around the world or their locations. This inspired her to write a story that captured the attention of all young learners and provided a meaningful learning experience at the same time.

I hope you enjoy “Where in the World Will We Go Today?” as much as I have with my children. Beware though, it may be an expensive gift, because if you give a child this book and a map, they will want a passport and a plane ticket to go with them! Happy Travels!

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