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When a good book ends, sometimes it feels like a breakup. There are characters I have become friends with for their bravery, their humor, their creativity and of course their flaws. And with a flip of the last page, they are gone.

We are excited to announce that BQB and Writelife Publishing have four sequels coming this fall that will bring these memorable characters and their situations back to life.

What-It-Takes-Front-Cover-FC-400x600Romance: If you liked What it Takes by Kathryn Asher, be sure to check out On the Line, releasing on September 29, 2015.

OnTheLineJanelle Wagoner kept a lot of secrets for her husband, but the one she tried hardest to protect was her own. She never suspected he knew or that he would choose to reveal it in such a dramatic way. Now that he’s gone, leaving behind her and two children, Janelle is left to pick up the pieces and try to put her life back together before
it’s too late.

Nathan Harris has only ever loved one woman, despite the fact that she was married to someone else. After learning that she has been hiding something from him, he’s faced with a tough decision: With everything at stake, will he walk away from her for good, or will he lay it all on the line to win her back? Pre-Order Here.

From a Dead Sleep 9781937084547_FC (200x300)Thriller: If you liked From a Dead Sleep by John A. Daly be sure to check out Blood Trade, releasing September 24, 2015.

bloodTradeBorderSean Coleman is back in the latest thriller from John A. Daly, set in the mountains of Winston, Colorado.

Six months after the murder of his uncle, Sean is trying to get his life together. He’s stopped drinking, he’s taking better care of himself, and he’s working hard to keep a fledgling security business afloat. At a blood plasma bank Sean frequents to earn extra income, he meets the distraught relative of Andrew Carson, a man who went missing weeks earlier on the other side of the state, with a pool of blood in the snowy driveway of his home as the only clue to
the man’s fate.

Sean decides to help in the search for Carson and quickly finds himself immersed in a world of deception,  desperation, and danger—a world in which nothing is what it seems, and few can get out of with their lives. Pre-Order Here.

reluctantHistorical Fiction: If you liked Reluctant Warriors by Jon Stafford be sure to check out Redemption, releasing November 11, 2015.

RedemptionIn his follow-up book to Reluctant Warriors, author Jon Stafford traces the impact of World War II on regular American men and women swept up by events thousands of miles away from home, and ponders how the continent that gave birth to Renaissance Humanism could descend into murderous chaos. It’s a story about soldiers who went to the other side of the world to fight for their country and the women who remained home to fend for themselves and their families with few resources and no one to turn to for support.

The war left no lives unchanged. After the battles had been won and the fallen buried, the war continued to reverberate for decades in the lives of the men and women who fought and survived, lost the people most precious to them, became disillusioned, and found a way to go on. From Guadalcanal to the island fortress of Formosa, and from Tulsa to Sacramento, these stories show men and women finding redemption. Pre-Order Here.

life, little brown dogSpiritual Journey: If you liked Life, A Little Brown Dog and Shite Like That by Michael Riddell, be sure to check out Same Dog, Different Shite, releasing on November 3, 2015.

sameDog-388x600Michael Riddell suffered more than a mid-life crisis. Call it a complete life revision! At the age of forty-five, after changing his mind about life, career, and magic crystals, he embarked on a path he never knew was there. It brought him to Melinda, his soul mate and spiritual anchor, and let him gather his life back after almost losing it all. Turns out it was just the beginning.

In his follow-up to Life, A Little Brown Dog, and Shite Like That, Michael learns that sometimes you have to face some tough truths, including those about yourself, and perhaps travel through darkness before reaching the light. That redemption can be fraught with danger, and may come at a hefty price. Pre-Order Here.

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