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I’ll admit I’m obsessed with books about WWII. I think it started when I read “The Diary of Anne Frank” in middle school. After that I read “Snow Treasure” which is the story of Norwegian children who moved much of their country’s gold bullion in secret sled runs right past the marching boots of the invading Nazi soldiers. As an adult, the atrocities of “Sarah’s Key” and “The Lost Wife” haunted me.

Every time I read historical fiction from those tragic years, it makes me wonder what kind of person I would have been if I lived then. Would I have had the courage of Miep Gies and the others in Anne Frank’s life. Would I have been able to help hide a Jewish family? Or would I have snuck food and ration cards to those in need? Or would I have adopted one of the children that Irena Sendler helped smuggle out of Warsaw’s Jewish Ghetto? Or would I have blindly hunkered and taken care of my family and only my family and tried not to get involved or take any risks?

I honestly don’t know what kind of woman, wife and mother I would have been in those times. Reading historical fiction forces me to consider these questions.

train“The Children’s Train” by Jana Zinser tells a WWII story that I wasn’t aware of. “In the months prior to WWII, nearly 10,000 Jewish children were evacuated out of Germany, Poland, Austria, and Czechoslovakia and sent to safety in England, without their parents. Privately funded by British citizens, the Kindertransport organizers successfully placed these children in English foster homes. Nearly every parent who sent their child on the train told them they would soon follow, but of course, very few were able, as war was declared not long after and Jews were rounded up and sent to concentration camps.”

I’m eagerly awaiting the release of “The Children’s Train” on October 26, 2015. Learn more here on Jana Zinser’s website. The pre-release reviews are wonderful and intriguing. This book is available for pre-order or be sure to add it to your Want-To-Read list on Goodreads.

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