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We just returned from a Labor Day weekend camping trip where the food was delicious, the mosquitoes were non-existent and the company was entertaining. The adults all had a great time, but the boys had the weekend of their lives. There were four boys from three different families and we barely saw any of them the entire weekend.

We’re not sure exactly what they did, but we know where they were. In The Woods. I had packed a football, a soccer ball and a frisbee for them to play with over the weekend. None of them were touched. All the boys wanted to do was play in the woods. When they reappeared occasionally for snacks we heard rumors of forts, unsuccessful squirrel traps and capture the flag antics. There was dirt on their cheeks and under their fingernails and they loved it. So did we.

Far-Away-Home-COVER-375x600I feel like we won the lottery of life to grow up in a country where boys can play freely in the woods without any cares. Not every young boy in the world has these opportunities. “Ali” the main character in “A Far Away Home” has a very different life. He is born and raised in Afghanistan just before the Russian invasion. As they try to resist control by the Russians and later the Taliban, their quest for a peaceful life is a difficult one. When my boys are a little older, this is a book I will read to them to expand their knowledge of the world and so they can learn what the lives of other little boys are like in other countries.

Author Howard Faber is a retired teacher who spent many years teaching in Afghanistan, first with the Peace Corps and then at a school for children of foreign nationals. He shares his knowledge of the customs and culture of the Afghan people on every page of this book. Pick up “A Far Away Home” if you’re ready for a journey around the world with “Ali’s” family.

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