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Did you see the blood moon lunar eclipse this week? Wow! Spectacular, amazing and rare. It won’t happen again for another 18 years astronomers say. I especially loved all the photos that were on the interwebs the next day. Each had different angles, different lenses, different amounts of shadow, but no matter where they were taken, they were all still the same moon.

It made me think a lot about connections. Specifically, how people are connected. We all live on the same earth, under the same sky and moon, but each of our lives are so very different. Our differences can stem from geography, family dynamics, race, music, religion, education, employment, health and so many more factors. But how different are we really? Beyond the basics, food, water and shelter, how are our needs and wants met? These are the kinds of questions I asked myself as I browsed through eclipse photos from around the country.

There are several authors from WriteLife Publishing who also consider questions like these, and many that are much more complex than my rudimentary musings! If you like hard questions and deep thoughts (and some are sprinkled with a dash of humor), here are a few books on a variety of topics that you should definitely consider:


BecomeMedicalIntuitivelife, little brown dog

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