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sharp-objects-book-coverI’m a little more than halfway through reading “Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn (author of “Gone Girl”) and the twists keep flying at me. I think I have the ending figured out, but I know there will be some new interaction or new character that will make me doubt my original plan. If you’ve already read this one, please don’t send me any spoilers!

Suspense books that keep me guessing are intriguing and entertaining. Their characters are definitely 3D with all kinds of faults and flaws and I usually remember them much longer than dreary perfect characters. The other reason that I like thrillers is that my own life is horribly boring. School conferences and soccer games are my life. Through the pages of a book I get to live in a different part of the country, solve a mystery, unravel a family drama, chase down a bad guy or meet an unsavory character in a back alley. Good stuff, right!

Here are a few by BQB Publishing that are sure to keep you turning the pages…

















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