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Today is National Veterans Day. It is a day to appreciate, remember and educate ourselves about veterans. At any given time, less than 1% of Americans are serving in active duty positions, so it very is possible that some Americans don’t know a single soldier personally. In our family we have members serving in the Air Force and Navy right now, and several who are retired from the Army. While their daily lives might be quite different from our own, especially when they are stationed overseas, their human spirit is the same. Underneath their uniforms, they want the best for their children, they work on their marriages, they try to figure out how to pay bills each month and they like to BBQ with friends on their time off. Life is the same, and yet so different for soldiers and their families.

There are many ways to thank veterans and their families when you meet them. For the stranger in the airport or mall who is recognizable in uniform, a simple thank you and handshake will do. If you know a family with a serviceman or woman, think about something they might need. A hot dinner, a certificate for a night of babysitting so the adults can plan a date night, a movie/coffee/restaurant gift certificate or if you are a business owner, consider offering a military discount to your customers – these are all fine ways to show your respect and appreciation. A donation to a non-profit organization that provides services for veterans and their families is another great way to celebrate Veterans Day.

For those of us not in the military, I’m not sure we can ever fully grasp the commitment these men and women make. Here are several books about wars that Americans have been involved with that show the role of soldiers and how it affects their lives, as well as the lives of those they love and protect. Reading one of these books will give readers an inside window into the heart of a soldier.

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vietnamreflectionsBook Cover: The Uncertain Times by Bryson Maples

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