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I took a walk the other night. In the dark. By myself. It was very dark. Did I mention that? Every time the wind moved a shrub by the path, I jumped. Chills ran up and down my back. My ears tingled while they over-listened for every sound.

As I walked I kept looking behind me. I counted the number of steps it would take me to get to the nearest house and then wondered if anyone would be home who would be helpful. Or would the house offer an even scarier situation. I thought about the flashlight that was in the glove compartment of my car instead of in my pocket. The can of mace I used to carry in college is long gone.

I think I read too many thrillers to make night walking a regular habit.

Thrillers are fun because they knock me out of my normally safe and happy world and into one that includes car chases, unsolved murders, creepy characters, lies and deception. If you also like twisty thrillers that keep you guessing through the last chapter, here are a few to try. If you dare…

whispers-401x600Whispers in the Dark by Chase J. Jackson: Adrian Ramirez has finally landed his first job, and it’s the opportunity of a lifetime: teaching at the elite Finley Academy in his hometown of Newnan, Georgia. After discovering there’s been a string of unexplained dropouts at the school, Adrian suspects something is amiss with two of his students, identical twins Raven and Robin. One outgoing, one withdrawn, both keeping a secret.


Mile-Marker-Front-Cover-399x600The Mile Marker Murders by C. S. Saari: When Caleb Williamson, a career officer with the CIA, disappears, officials are left wondering whether he is a spy who has defected or the victim of a crime. Meanwhile, Williamson’s friend, FBI agent Tyler Bannister, is focused on catching an extortionist who has threatened to unleash a biological poison if a multimillion dollar demand is not met.



From a Dead Sleep 9781937084547_FC (200x300)From a Dead Sleep by John A. Daly: Sean Coleman is a bully, a drunk, and a crime-show–addicted, armchair detective with an overactive imagination. After a night of poor judgment, Sean finds himself the sole witness to the unusual suicide of a mysterious stranger. With the body whisked away in the chilling rapids of a raging river, no one believes Sean’s account. Tormented over the doubts and mockery of the people of Winston, Sean embarks on a far-reaching crusade that takes him across the country in search of the dead man’s identity and personal vindication.

The-Tone-Poet_front-cover-400x600The Tone Poet by Mark Rickert: When a family car accident leaves six-year-old Cameron Blake for dead, his body is engulfed by a light that sings extraordinary music. Once his heart beats again, the music fades and is gone. This is astral music, and it haunts Cameron for the rest of his life.

As an adult, Cameron is a renowned composer, but he feels unsatisfied. He’s spent his life trying to recapture those astral tones he heard at death’s doorstep. Unable to grasp the elusive music, his latest commission has left him burned out and disillusioned. Enter Maestro Leonin Bloom, the conductor of an orchestra with lofty aspirations: to perform the musical expression of the creative universe. And he needs Cameron’s help.

To perform their special symphony, Bloom’s orchestra needs a tone poet, a special composer who has experienced astral music and who has the ability to fashion sound into unlimited musical possibilities. Cameron fits the bill, but his memory of the near-death music is impossibly out of reach.

Cameron travels to Holloway where Bloom keeps his orchestra and a private concert hall. But something is unwittingly off in the small mountain town. A woman is missing, and the nights are haunted by strange music.

Cameron is soon introduced to the process of attuning, an artistic exercise that forces him to compose nightmare concertos as a means of purging lifelong resentments. But his progress is stunted by doubt, and attuning seems to draw Cameron into darkness rather than enlightenment.

Death and resurrection, demons and nightmare music, The Tone Poet is a redemptive, spiritual journey that will lead Cameron Blake to the secrets of the self and beyond, to the vibratory heart of the universe.

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